Why human’s microchipping is so popular?

Today we have gone a long way in technology race. Everyday new things are coming in the field of technology. Scientists introduce micro nano chips that is implant, just beneath the skin in your hands. The microchip is really helpful in reducing your hustle in your life. This chip will help to make society cashless. This step will decrease the crime rate. People can pay their tickets, utility bills and other payments by their chip. Microchip can also be used as a security pass to get in the office. So we can say that ID, wallet, keys and all other Necessary documents are in your hands. Thousands of chips were inserted in Sweden, the rich country in technology. This microchip is known as “RFID”. RFID stands for “Radio Frequency Identification”. This chip is capable of carrying 2000 bytes of data or less than that.

Benefits of microchip implantation

There are many benefits of this RFID chip. This chip will help to reduce crime rate. It also help to find criminals and catch them conveniently. It is also helpful in payment of any utility bills, tickets and tax. This chip will play an important role in medical field as well. The doctor will have access to patient’s past medical history. They can see which medicine they were taking, What they were allergic to, which disease they are suffering from and many more things. Many children are kidnapped every day and between 1.6-2.8 million youth run away from their homes each year so with the help of RFID chip it would be easier to find and get them to their home. It gives you theft protection. Nobody can steal your money because it is very difficult to scan your data when it is in your hand. 

Setbacks of RFID chip

Nobody knows the long term effects on your body with RFID chip. It can be harmful for your body. The FDA has expressed that few dangers for human microchipping incorporate unfavourable tissue responses, electrical risks, and — possibly above all — “contradiction” with solid magnet restorative hardware, for example, attractive reverberation imaging (X-rays). You can’t bring anything metal into a X-ray; that incorporates pacemakers, aneurysm cuts, dental inserts, hip/knee substitutions (except if they’re nonmagnetic titanium), and installed microchips. was tested in pets and after a long time some of them start bleeding so nobody can say that it is safe for humans. If any person is giving access to his  identification to any company, they also have access to your other personal data so in this way this would be insecure for any person. Hackers also can hack the data with this chip. So anyone can loose his money by the hackers. They can get your private information and can do any crime with your identification without your knowing. Other than that Government will have control on anyone so nobody will have any privacy.

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