Top 10 Technologies that will blow your mind

Hyper loop

A hyper loop is a super high-speed transportation system. The board is getting passengers travel to and from that most of the air has been removed to reduce friction rather then Using wheels like a train or car. This Hyper loop can travel 760 mph.

Self Driving

These driving cars can drive Without any driver on the road. You can sit back and relax while driving. This is the future personal vehicle. This car contain high tech camera sensors and Navigations. It is also beneficial for old and disabled persons.

3D printers

These printers are machines that can make copies of any thing. It will revolutionise the manufacturing industry. This technology Is developing advancement and speed material capabilities.

Commercial Space Exploration

We are going out of our Way literally.We can go on vacations to outer space. Although it is very expensive but it will give another level to adventure.

5th Generation wireless

It is a fifth-generation wireless network Which will provide 10 times faster communication and it can handle thousand times more traffic then the 4G LTE. It has 20 GB per second speed that is enough to download 10 to 12 movies in one second.

Computer vision

The main aim of this technology is to see the real world as a human being. Machines can see many things such as temperature and air quality.The filter we are using on pictures are also a part of Computer vision. It will be very helpful in future.

Generative Adversarial Network

Generative adversarial Network It’s just like a shopkeeper who generate fake copies of the shoes. You cannot recognise the fake shoes and the branded shoes. This technology is used to make copy of the real objects. It can use to make anime characters From real characters.

Mixed Reality

This technology is going to change the world. It is a merging of real and virtual world to produce new environment but the help of physics.

Array of things

The sensors will implanted to give information about weather, temperature and any other activity that is happening in the city or country. It will be very helpful to know about the weather condition and the air quality of that place.

Genetic fortune telling

Genetic fortune telling is a report about new born babies that will predict about newborn’s behaviour, IQ level, hobbies, interestIn the probability of diseases that will come in future like cancer, heart attack and Other diseases.

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