Top 10 Intelligent and smart Robots

Sophia Robot

This Robot is known as the best robot in the world because it is an interactive robot that can talk with you and give you answer to your questions. It has 62 Face expressions. It is designed by Hanson robotics in Hong Kong. Saudi Arabia gives its nationality to Sophia robot. This is the most advanced robot in the history of robots.


Asimo is known as the powerful humanoid robot. You can give command to perform any task to this robot. This robot is a perfect example of Hollywood movies robot. Its height is 4 feet and weight is 54 kg. It can talk In 3 language such as Chinese, Japanese and English.

Rolling bot

LG designed this robot to Guard your house When you are not at home. This Robo works like a watchdog.


This robot is known as a happy Robot. It can make you laugh. It has the feature of reading your facial expressions.


This report is created by Google. It’s an animal robot. This Robot is known as a dog robot. It moves on four legs. It can move on uneven surface and can make it’s on way to move.

Deka Robot

This robot is designed for disabled people. It just works like your own body part and give you strength. Disabled persons can use this robot in place of their body parts like arms and legs.

Snake Robot

This rebort is designed to explore more things underwater. It can go up there, where a human Or any other searching device cannot go. It is used to repair submarines and ships underwater.

Spider Robot

It is like a big spider.This robot can transform itself in any shape. These spider robots can create webs like a real spider. This robot is very flexible.

Butterfly Robot

This rebot is just like a real butterfly. It can fly four hours after charging 15 minutes. It can send signals on centralised computer so you can see what is happening there. This Robot weight is 32 gram.

Bionic Kangaroo

This kangaroo robot has been created by the scientists. This robot is a copy of a real kangaroo. It can jump like a kangaroo and moves on your commands. It can recover It’s energy on every jump. This Robot also have sensors.

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