Top 10 coolest future Gadgets

Hovding Helmet

To make your journey safe on bike or bicycle it is designed to protect yourself.
It’s just Like a belt That you wear around your neck. This helmet will open automatically with a jerk when you fell down. It is more secure than a normal helmet.

Spine Remote

You can control your TV, DVD and CD player by spine remote. It is also used to turn on or off your other gadgets without any movement. It can be operate by our mobile app.

Jupiter Bike

It is just like a bicycle. It is foldable bike that you can carry everywhere you want. It has a lithium rechargeable battery That give you 20 mph speed up to 15 miles.

Smart table

It has a large screen on its surface. You can use it like a table. You can watch movies, videos and can play games on this gadget. This table is a water proof so you have not to worry about it.

Hand’s Energy

This is the first gadget that will use your hand’s energy and body heat to recharge it. This gadget is very useful in your daily life. You can charge your any device with this gadget and you can recharge this gadget by your hand’s energy.


This is an electrical bike. The special thing about this bike is, it also has a pedal so you can run it by your own. You can enjoy your ride up-to 100 miles at 80kmph. It has a stain less steel body.

Bug a salt

It’s very annoying when flies come and sit on your food. This gun is use to fire flies by inserting salt in gun. In this way you can enjoy as well.


you can control many devices by your smartphone or smart watch even if you are not at home. This device can switch on And off your devices without any difficulty.


This is a GPS tracking system that can be install in anyone’ bicycle of your friends and family to know about where they are.


It works like a vacuum cleaner. Alexa voice control is installed in this device to control it by your voice. This device is designed to clean your house.

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