Top 10 best Android Applications


This application is used to edit your photos and it will give another life to your photos. You also can see the live view to see how your photos will look after editing.

Appy weather

This application is used to see weather. You can see the weather forecast hourly and daily format by this Application. The presentation in the app is pretty good. You can see the weather data such as real field, humidity, wind speed etc.

pocket mode

Pocket mode helps you to prevent accidental clicks. This app is used to lock your phone automatically when you put it in your pocket. This app uses sensors and prevent from accidental clicks. It works is pretty good.


Checketry is a Download manager. This app shows you the time of downloading. You can check the status of downloading remotely. With this application you don’t have to keep on checking is it finished or not.


By this application you can convert your voice messages in text accurately. You can translate this text in any language. This app is really simple to use and very helpful.

Ceri Launcher

This application has a unique feature with honeycomb layout. That will give a beautiful view to your phone. You can choose all your apps or some of them on your home screen. You can change your phone background as well. You will get some other fantastic features.

Gallery Go

Gallery go is an app by google which is smart, light and fast. This app organise your photos by persons, selfies, nature and food. This app is an offline app. This app also let you to enhance your photos.

Firefox preview

Firefox preview app is an experimental Firefox for androids. This app is more secure app for your mobile. This version is 2 times faster than a previous versions. You can choose your favourite search engine to search. Firefox preview is the combination of speed, privacy, control and easy to use features.

Mi Band 4 watch face

In this app you can change your watch face by mobile. You can download watch face in your mobile and it will change watch face in your band.

Dope wall

Dope wall provides 4k high definition wallpapers. This app has a good collection of great pictures. The quality of the wallpapers is so high.

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