Artificial intelligence chips in human brain

Elon Musk the CEO of the Tesla and Space X has aim to implant Artificial Intelligence chips in human brain. It will make a splash in technology’s world. Microsoft company invest $1 billion in AI chips. It will revolutionise the world of technology and it will give a next level to the technology. AI program was started in 2015. This chip works with the help of sensors. They collect data and increase the human memory from 15% to 37%. Hippocampus plays an important role in the working of AI chips.The hippocampus is a little, bended development in the mind that assumes
significant job in the limbic framework. The hippocampus is engaged with the development of new recollections and is additionally connected with learning and emotions. Hippocampus is a gate way to memories. There are two types of memories short term and long term memories. Short term memories is stored in prefrontal cortex. Hippocampus plays an Important role in the combining of information from short- term memory to a long-term memory. It also plays an important role in the performance of chip.

The working process

The chip will embed in cerebrum. It’s size is from 4mm to 6mm. It is a remotely gadget. That gets the information of the cerebrum exercises. This innovation is designated “BMI”. BMI Means “Brain Machine Interface”. It will comprise of 96 strings. Each string is comprises of 96 anodes that will get the cerebrum action and send it to the chip. This chip will get and move it to the gadget. This chip will be embed by a Robot so it won’t make any harm to the body. Brain consist of Neurones that work with the help of Synapses and send message from one Neurone to the other Neurone with the help of Synapses. It generates the action potential and it produce electrical field. The electrodes will catch it and send it to the chip and it will convert the digital information to external device. The iPhone app will use to control the brain. So we can say that the Artificial Intelligence and brain will make super intelligence together.

Advantages of artificial intelligence chip

It will assume a significant job in medicinal field. Numerous medical issues could be unraveled by AI chips. In therapeutic field numerous drugs can be design with the assistance of AI chip. This chip will likewise assist with diagnosing infections before it deteriorate. Computer based intelligence chip is likewise helpful in the innovation of numerous hardware so they can take care of numerous issues of the human. People can be act like a superheroes or super-people with the assistance of this AI chips. It additionally help in the new revelations in space. The people will have the option to learn various dialects to study history.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence chip

There are numerous inconveniences of man-made consciousness chip. This would turn into a disaster to people. It will build the innovation race that would turn out to be most noticeably terrible. The chips can be hacked by some other individual so they can command any individual by hacking the chips. It will prompt countless joblessness. They won’t have their own character and free themselves. They will become like a machine so they won’t have any dynamic force. They will work like a manikin. This would creat arm’s race in primary schools.

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